School Evaluation & Authentication
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In January 2017, a candidate qualification was awarded by the ACS WASC (western United States school and College Alliance). As one of the six largest regional certification bodies in the United States, WASC enjoys a high reputation in the field of education both in the United States and around the world. Since its establishment, WASC has become a guarantee for academic integrity and the development of students' abilities with its high standard and strict requirements. Students who graduate from the WASC certification school will also be highly recognized worldwide in their academic achievements and comprehensive strength. Wangfu school is much more interested in improving all aspects of the school through the accreditation process.


The teaching material development center of the basic education course of the Ministry of education is a direct undertaking unit with the independent legal person qualification of the Ministry of education. It mainly undertakes the research, development, evaluation and other related business work of the teaching materials for the organization of basic education courses.

In April 12, 2018, the signing and opening ceremony of the experimental base for basic education curriculum reform was held at Oak Forest School in Dalian. The leadership of the basic education curriculum development center of the Ministry of education came to Dalian, and reached a new strategic cooperation with the legal and political international education group and the Jiahui Education Group on the curriculum reform, which indicates that the cooperation between the French and the government and the Dalian Jiahui has taken a new step.