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The international education initiative of France and politics has made the world a platform for supporting students to construct knowledge through the global school.
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Recruit students Administration
Recruit students
The goal of legal and political international education is to establish 15 school districts throughout the country and abroad. Now, there are Beijing Wangfu schools, Beijing Wang Fu foreign language schools, Beijing palace kindergarten, Chengdu Wang Fu foreign language school, Shijiazhuang Shimen Experimental School International Department, Sanya city academy, Shanxi Wang Fu school and Jiangsu Palace school. Dalian Jiahui school, Dalian Reggae school, Dalian Jiahui three middle school, Dalian Jiahui Sunshine School, Dalian Jiahui sunshine primary school, Burma Yangon palace school, Wangfu (Jiahui) American Bush college and other famous schools


The schools affiliated to Fazheng International Education will fully achieve the 1:2 enrollment layout, that is, overseas students account for one-third of the student body and local students account for two-thirds of the student body. We strive to truly realize international education and help students create a pluralistic international growth atmosphere.

We strive to create a smart campus environment suitable for students' growth and plan suitable curriculum system. To provide diversified services for the international education of partners, including curriculum system and training program design, introduction and analysis of international textbooks, compilation and localization, international teacher recruitment and management, teacher training and discipline teaching, teaching quality supervision, new intelligent information education system, and global cultural exchange, etc. From resources, curriculum, teachers and management to provide support and guarantee for the construction of an international high quality school.