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ReaBroad reading Cambridge English School-based Curriculum
ReaBroad reading

Berg, based on new technologies such as Internet and artificial intelligence, provides English reading teaching resources and services for domestic traditional and online primary and secondary education institutions to improve the teaching level and efficiency of teachers in the way of online teaching platform.

According to the actual situation and characteristics of Chinese primary and middle school students' English learning, Berg designed the system of "English original reading course" for primary and middle school students in our country on the basis of the following standards.


American common core state standard


Common framework for European languages


Grade reading standard for primary and middle school students in China


The reading evaluation system of blue and so on

ReaBroad reading program integrates intensive reading lessons with extensive reading practices and engages students in activities involving all four language domains (reading, writing, speaking, and listening). Our mission is to help students succeed in English language proficiency, reading skills, and critical thinking, and become lifelong independent learners

Cambridge English

The most authoritative and perfect English evaluation system in Cambridge


Cambridge University

800 Years of Glory


Member of the Cambridge International Examinations

150 years of successful experience in providing test and evaluation products worldwide



The Cambridge Assessment English are recognized by 23,000 institutions worldwide as an important competency.

Cambridge children's English (YLE) can receive more official recognition and formally introduce the mainstream teaching system.

The first level (KET) of Cambridge general English five certificate examination can be appropriately introduced into junior high schools or as a supplementary language test at junior high school level.

The third level (FCE) of Cambridge general English five certificate examination is a comprehensive language test with high reliability and validity and perfect system.

School-based Curriculum

The rule of law has established the international curriculum and language courses based on the national curriculum, including the AP course and the A Level course as the main body. The 49 school-based curriculum in the school is a supplementary and full course system, which can not only meet the needs of the students' personal interests and the needs of the national curriculum, but also provide the students to the international course. A straight through car

As a major characteristic curriculum system, school-based curriculum is always centered on students in the process of curriculum optimization. The school always pays attention to every student, excavates every student's potential and interest points, and promotes the maximum development of every student. Under the accumulation of years, the school-based curriculum of Wangfu school has now been built into a curriculum system including art (music, dance, art, film), literature, second foreign languages, Chinese culture, social science, scientific inquiry and so on.